Contingencies for Next Season | Share Your Thoughts

I am wondering on everyone’s thoughts about possible contingencies for next seasons game. Iunderstand many teams will not be able to participate through the normal ways due to inaccessibility to kit and other safety reasons. It would be great for members to share their ideas on possible contingency plans, especially those who predict they might not be able to access kit etc. We are currently looking at online challenges as one possible route.



There are a number of other threads on this here, you could look around.

However, nothing here would be official. The EP summit is this week and they will be sharing a lot more then about how flexible they will be in the fall.

Finally, what’s SAB?


I think you should give this topic a read:



I expect/hope to see virtual skills-only events.

ep hosts a zoom or some other virtual meeting platform, one member from each team joins. Each team is actually present at their own field (depending on the region it may or may not be safe for teams to meet together, in the case that it isn’t safe, only one team member would really have to be at the field.)
teams take turns running skills live (to make cheating too difficult to be a concern and to limit the runs) and the winner of skills wins skills champ. additionally, there could be virtual judges interviews and online notebook reviews.

while obviously this format is missing the main aspect of a tournament, it’s better than nothing. And it does have some major flaws like the fact that many if not most teams might not have access to a full field. So really, for most teams there’s not much that can be done to allow competition until this is over, which could mean there isn’t really a season for the majority of teams.

some things that everyone should be able to do are:

  • judged competitions
  • online notebook submission and review
  • online challenges

I think there should be more online challenges so that many more people can enter and win. There is already a new programming skills video challenge if you haven’t seen. (the url seems like it would lead to the iq challenge, but I think the pages are switched)

There could be things like:

  • bring back the game design animation challenge
  • robot reveal video challenge
  • CAD challenge (make a video on how you use cad to succeed in vex)

I think it’s unavoidable that teams without a field will not be able to compete at home.

There’s no way for you to drive on your own field if you don’t have one.


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For everyone wondering, this survey post is just a way to gather trends and ideas about people’s opinions on contingencies for next season.


Regarding worlds, it may be worth considering the actions taken by professional sports leagues such as the NHL and MLB. I’m sure we’d be happy to host here in Toronto.


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