Continuous Disconnection of VEX Cortex and Joystick

:mad::confused: The VEX Cortex, when connected to the Joystick with a pair of 802.11g keys, operates for about .5~2 seconds, then disconnects. The VEX Cortex and Joystick then reconnect and then run again and disconnect. This happens over and over again. What is causing this to happen? :confused::confused::confused:

Tried a fresh battery too

Check the battery connection to the cortex. I’ve seen many cases where the connection is loose so it powers down briefly then reconnects as the robot tries to move.

The old 802.11g seemed to just not last long. My team switched to the Vex Net Key 2.0 which uses 2.4GHz radio frequency. My team’s old keys (802.11g) just cut out like you said at the end of their life and stoped fitting snug in the cortex. The new ones have rubber tabs to keep them in place, don’t disconnect unless you drop the controller or something. It’s worth the switch.

Also the battery plug itself. Had a similar problem when the pins in the Tamiya plug got loose and fell out.

Did you try newly charged batteries in your joystick controller, too?

Are you using black VexNet keys or the white keys? If you got newer keys, did you also update the firmware for everything?

Any metal parts within 1-2 inches of your Cortex’s key?

Burn those old keys and buy the new white ones

I don’t know if that’s your problem, but the old keys have a rather poor track record.

Also, might be worth seeing if it works connected directly over USB. That should rule out the battery connection.