Contradiction in Skills Scoring

I’ve found a contradiction in the scoring of skills matches, and I’m not sure if this contradiction is intentional or not.

In the scoring section of Appendix B (skills) it says:

Points are awarded according to the same scoring rules as standard VEX Robotics Competition Tipping Point head-to-head Matches. Team’s score at the end of a Robot Skills Match is calculated by combining the scores that would have been awarded to the red and blue Alliances.

And it goes on to give this example:

A blue Alliance Mobile Goal that ends the Match in the red Alliance Home Zone, and any Rings which are Scored on it, are not worth any points.

However, in the scoring section of normal head-to-head matches, the manual states:

Rings which are Scored on / in an Alliance Mobile Goal are worth points for that color Alliance, regardless of where the Alliance Mobile Goal ends the Match.

So my question is, which is it?
Are rings on an alliance goal only worth points if that goal is in the corresponding home zone, as stated by the example in the skills appendix, or does it not matter which zone the goal ends, as stated by the game manual’s scoring section and the claim that skills scoring is identical to match scoring?


I could be wrong but if I remember correctly a rule that gives an explicit ruling has more power than one that gives a general, so from my understanding I’d say that the ruling of this:

would override the ruling that states:

This is just my understanding of the rules though

As Xenon commented, it gives the example of the blue Alliance Mobile Goal etc. etc. It isn’t an explicit ruling at all, nor is it anything more than a simple instance of scoring. It is purely an example.

Likewise, we don’t regard the official Vex reveal video’s example of clawbots scoring as an explicit ruling that each team must have a clawbot.

This is still confusing because it is a direct contradiction, example or not.

I could honestly imagine both scenarios for this rule. If you don’t have to move the goals, it helps lower level teams that are focused on scoring rings. But the GDC has already incentivized the mogos so much that it’s totally possible that they made moving the goals necessary for high scores, not to mention that all the neutral goals have to be moved to have the rings on them worth points anyway.

This is definitely something that should get fixed or clarified.