Control for arm

What kind of control methods are teams using for their arms? Are you using buttons/joysticks with hard coded values, PID, or another solution?

My team is debating whether to implement PID for our arm, as we already have one loop running for our claw. Can the cortex handle two simultaneous PID loops well?

As a wise friend of mine once said “Do it, then talk about it.”

In a couple of hours, you can give us the answers.

If you already have one loop, it should be the work of a few minutes to implement another. If you don’t have a sensor on there yet, potentiometer or encoder are both easy to mount

The cortex has plenty of CPU for two simultaneous PID loops.

Yes, especially since you can only update motors every 20 ms or so. There’s no benefit to running your control loop faster than that.

That being said I don’t see why you would need a full PID controller for your arm or claw

Motors update every 15 ms.

Additionally, just for reference, the cortex has plenty of power for PID loops. It can even handle planar point clouds.

IIRC, it can run 5. However, you can put the arm and claw control in the same task.