control system?

sorry if i didn’t do enough research, but i heard that the clean sweep game uses a different controller than what was used in the previous years, a different control system perhaps? is this new control system mandatory? can someone show me a link to this new control system?

also, can someone briefly describe what major changes were done to the essential components of vex? (i.e. i’ve also heard that you can use 2 batts this year)??

thx a ton

I’m not sure if you’re referring to the VEXnet connection or to the joystick.

There is a new type of control that is the VEXnet joystick. I’m not sure what its status is for competition, but it’s got lots of cool stuff!

VEXnet replaces the old crystal system and uses wireless instead.

thank you alot, is vexnet mandatory for clean sweep? or just a cool option which teams can use?

VEXnet is going to be required at World Championships and may be required at other events at the event organizers option. Check on to see if a particular event is “VEXnet only.” I know a lot of events are planning to be “VEXnet optional” but you really need to check on RobotEvents or contact the event partner to be sure.

okay thanks guys, so just to make sure once again, this system will be needed for the vex clean sweep competition (as far as national goes). will there be regionals where they will still ONLY use xtals?

and also, are the vexnet joysticks allowed in the clean sweep game? are they mandatory? or just an upgrade?

The link you provided for the upgrade bundle is correct. It is solely dependent on the event organizers as to whether or not they wish to use xtals, VEXnet, or both. You can see the event organizer’s comm. choice on Robot Events under the event information.

I can’t provide any definite information for the VEXnet joysticks, but considering that they’re not out yet, and that the current rules don’t quite address them, I would guess no.