Controller Advice

Our new robot is almost done and i need to know what buttons are easiest to control the lift, roller intake claw, and the turbo 4 bar. we plan on having 2 drivers which involves a partner controller, the main controller will function the base and the mogo lift. what buttons should function the lift, roller intake, and turbo 4 bar on the partner controller to make it easier to control and to go fast and efficient?

Its basically whatever works for you. We have 2 drivers and a backup driver, and we all prefer slightly different controls. Try different things, whatever is most intuitive for you and allows you to stack fastest is best. I do suggest using the “bumper” buttons though if possible (groups 5 and 6).

I am just myself (I don’t have a partner) and I prefer channels 5, 6, and 7. (7 being the roller)

@Easton if i were to use channel 2 for the lift and 3 for the turbo 4 bar, if i didn’t move the joystick all the way up, would that make it not go up at full power? if so, is there a way to fix that?

I always use joysticks for drive, back buttons for the lifts, and the front buttons for the claws, but that’s just me. whatever works for yew.

I am not really a programmer, but if you don’t move the joystick all the way up it won’t go up at full power unless you do something different. What you could do is multiply the value received from the joystick by 1.3 or something, but make a cap of +/-127 (range motors can work with). I have never done this but it would work in theory if you didn’t want to lift the joystick all the way up for some reason