Controller and brain issues

Howdy I have just taken over for a teacher who retire and inherited all of the robot vex gear. I am not familiar with VEX gear so I am getting a crash course.

Having a problem with the controller and the brain for the v5. the controller gives me a red screen with a image of the controller running a cable to the brain and will not turn off unless I hit the reset.
the brain has a confirmation screen up that’s blue and orange asking to update with a OK or cancel at the bottom. I also can not get it to function.
suggestions before I potential make this worse
images below




Welcome to the forum @mtodd2q!

I don’t believe anything is wrong with the hardware.
The controller isn’t paired with the V5 brain, though.

What you want to do is to get the latest V5 firmware from:

Then upgrade V5 brain with the latest version, let it update battery firmware, then connect controller to the brain and update its firmware as well.

Then you will need to restart them and pair V5 Controller to a specific V5 brain.

More hardware troubleshooting articles could be found here:


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