controller/brain not working

we have built a robot and paired it. The brain and the controller have blinking green lights. When we try to run it with controller none of the motors work. When we try to run it tethered none of the motors work. We have swapped out the motors but that did not help. Can you help?


Are the Robot Brain and motors all running the latest firmware versions as released in the VEX IQ Firmware Update Utility? Are the motors visible in this update utility?

The current version of the Robot Brain firmware does not yet support “hot swapping” motors and sensors. All motors and sensors must be plugged in before the Robot Brain is turned on. If any motor or sensor is plugged in after the Robot Brain is already on, the Robot Brain will not “see” that device. Please turn off and turn on the Robot Brain after you plug in any new motor or sensor.


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I had a similar problem with mine when I first built it and I calibrated the controller to the brain and my motors started working. I have to admit that it took a couple of attempts to attain this, but it did work for me. Whatever your problem, I am sure that the fine folks here at VEX can help you get up and running. Good luck!!