Controller “Cannot Use Bluetooth” alert

Just opened a new kit. As soon as I turned it on and tried to connect it via Bluetooth to a brain, I get a red screen that says Alert and Cannot use Bluetooth. Brain shows it is connected.

I’ve turned off/on, several times, checked for and run firmware updates, pressed the rest button on the back of the remote, checked smart cable connections, etc.

Suggestions greatly appreciated.

Make sure both the brain and controller are set to “vexnet” as the radio type in the settings of each.

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Changed it to VexNet. My other 22 are all using Bluetooth with no problems.

It still says the Program State is paused and will not let me do anything.

Bluetooth is not allowed when using competition control.

If the pause symbol is shown constantly on the controller, it probably has a damaged competition port, this can happen occasionally if a smart cable is accidentally plugged into the 8-pin RJ45 port instead of the 4-pin smart port.


Is there a way to fix it and get it out of paused state? We are just using them in class with the smart ports and not competition.

Unless there is some obvious physical damage to the pins on the competition port (ie. bent pins or something like that), then no. But if it’s a new controller you should be able to get an RMA and exchange it. Call vex support,



I found my used V5 controller started to show this message this week, too. Pressing the dismiss key, the alert will go away but will come back in few second. Is the controller broken?


Same here! Just making this comment so I will know if someone offers a solution. Just in time for the busiest part of the season!

Is the controller switched to VEXnet or Bluetooth ?
When exactly does the message show ? Usually that message only shows when the V5 radio is switched to bluetooth and then connected to field control (BLE is not allowed to be used for standard matches)


Mine is showing that error and I can 't go to settings and see what it is set at or change the setting. Turning it off and then back on goes straight to that error message with no ability to change any settings.

If you tether the controller to a brain that has the radio set to VEXnet is should also change out of BLE mode. However, it does sound like that controller has a damaged RJ45 competition port, so probably not much you can do with it.