Controller Charging

How do I charge the Controller and how often do I need to charge it?

The VEX Controller Battery can only be charged while installed in the Controller.

You can charge it two ways: 1) connect the Controller to a USB port or USB phone charging adapter using the supplied USB cable, or 2) connect the Controller to the Brain using the supplied Tether cable. THe second method will deplete the robot battery partially.

The Controller will run more than 50 hours on a single charge, so you wont have to charge it very often. Generally, charge it when the Power/Link LED turns red. Once this LED turns RED, you still have several hours of use.

How long should it take a VEX IQ controller to charge when plugged in to a laptop?

Depends on how discharged and the laptop.

We use cell phone chargers and the average is less than an hour for a medium discharge. If the controller is showing red, then two hours tops.

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Thank you. I am at 3 hours and the controller light is still red. It is plugged in to a school laptop, that has power plugged also.

So if you unplug , turn the controller off and back on, do you get a green light, that would indicate the battery is charging. If the battery light is red or the controller does not turn on it means either the battery is very dead or the controller charging is bad.

  1. If green, plug it back into the computer (should turn red) and wait for green.
  2. If red swap the battery into a different controller and see if it will charge there.
    – if not, need a new battery
    – if it does, may need a new controller – talk to VEX support.

Good luck!

Thank you. I unplugged and turned on the controller - the green light came on. I’ll go with it this way until it dies. I do have a back up battery and controller for use at World’s. Thanks so much for the help.

@ntworley – Lets do this, plug the controller back into the computer and see how long it takes to charge. That way when you get to Worlds you can go "oh no, red light on the controller, that will take x hours to charge. That way you have managed expectations.

Good luck!

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How long does it take for the controller to charge when plugged into a USB port.

My experience from a dead battery state of the light is red and will no longer connect to the brain, using a charger that produces at least 1000 mw (1 amp), just over an hour. Depending on the laptop no more than 2 hours. Laptops need to be plugged in to charge things. A phone charger works best.


How can I tell when the vex v5 controller is FULLY CHARGED? Is there an indicator?

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