Controller Delays

My team has come across a problem where our tandem controllers are experiencing a delay in driving our robot. Typically the bot will respond to commands several seconds late and stop commands late as well. We’re running a holonomic drive with two potentiometers, two shaft encoders, 3 line followers and 3 ultrasonics that were added very recently to code an autonomous program.

Do you have a LCD Display. It also may be because you have a delay at the beginning of your code.

I had weird issues last year trying to use one ultrasonic causing delays. Are you using robotC or easyC?

this sounds like your overworking your cortex, if you add a small delay, like 100ms, at the top of your statements, then you shouldnt hog the cpu, if you could post your code thatd be great

There is no delay in the beginning of our program and the LCD is plugged in but we have had this problem even when its out.


Its a delay in your program or a wait until you press something.

If you post your code, I can probably figure out the issue.

It will not let you just upload it you have to do the following:
Go to Desktop>Right click>Click new>Click compressed zipped folder> place your code in the folder>upload to forum.