Controller disconnect and Firmware updates

Greetings. This is my second year as a coach and I am really enjoying the community. So I need some help. We had a competition a couple weeks ago and here’s what happened.
My team connected the control to the brain and calibrated the controller. Drove their match went back to the pit. The brain then asked for a firmware update for the control. We did the firmware update. They drove another match. Same thing prompted for a firmware update. This continued to happen after every match.
after event. The control is prompted for a firmware update regardless of brain its attached to. Brain prompts for an update regardless of controller attached. We had this problem another time but it stopped. Any ideas would be great thank you

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There should be a reset button somewhere on the back, maybe under the battery? I can’t remember it’s been so long

This in the IQ channel so would assume it is an IQ controller, which does not have a reset button.

I’m not sure I can help then. I’m pretty sure there was a reset button behind the battery

Yes, I do believe there’s a cute little red button in the battery slot. I don’t really know what it does, if it is there, I assume it’s a reset.

Edit: Self destruct?? :eyes:

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Vex Brains and controllers are almost always asking for firmware updates at least with the v5 so if you see it a lot you might just want to continue or reset it like everyone else in this post has suggested

haahha. The red button on the IQ brain and controller are to remove the radio chips. Maybe is should be a self destruct though.