Controller disconnecting at 10 seconds

Does anyone else’s controller disconnect then reconnect consistently at 10-12 seconds after running a program? Mine does about ~75% of the time which makes it pretty annoying to test auton repeatedly. I am on the latest firmware.

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so what happens every once in a while. if you instantly unplug it from your computer then run it, ours will disconnect. I would give it time to reconnect but Ours might be glitching out. Just unplug and wait until it reconnects again if that is the problem

If you unplug USB from the controller, it will switch back from the high bandwidth download channel to a normal channel (what we call a pit channel) after 10 seconds, this is by design as there a limited number of download channels.


Thank you for the explanation. Oddly though, my controller still disconnects then reconnects at 10 seconds even when the micro usb stays plugged into a computer. It doesnt happen every time, but often enough that it can be annoying. It’s not a big deal though now that I know the reason why.

VEXcode or something else used for programming ?


I’m using pros
20 char

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Ok, I’ll check what PROS does, they may well switch back after each download. @Johnmandrake ?

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Yes. I have this “issue” with PROS, but not other programming options. Hotel is aware of this, and has been since last year.


I have looked into this issue a bit (hoping to hack away the code that switches back to the pit channel after the upload). It turned out the pros-cli to do so is actually broken and it doesn’t even try to switch back.
PROS CLI uses class DownloadChannel as a decorator that switches to the download channel upon initialization and should switch back to pit when done. But there is a state variable did_switch that defaults to false, is never set (not after a successful switch to the download channel), and gates the switch back to the pit channel.

You could verify how it works by watching the CLI printouts, it does announce the switch to the download, but never the “V5 has been transferred back to pit channel” message.

Yet, we still observe the short connection drop.
More investigation needed…


It’s probably because the serial port gets closed, I think the controller can detect that as well, I’ll have a quick look later if I have time.


I suppose VexCode is keeping the port open…

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