Controller Freezes and Disconnects During Matches

Sometimes in the beginning of a match the controller will freeze but will still update the match timer on the controller. The controller will display that it is in disabled mode throughout the entirety of the match and the robot also never leaves disabled mode (we know this from the event log on the brain). When the controller freezes we can also not turn it off and it must be turned off using the reset on the back on it. My team has gone to 2 tournaments in the past 3 weeks and this happened at least once at both of them. We have been able to replicate it once on our schools field but it appears to be an anomaly because we did the same order of events many time and it happened only once. We have updated all of our firmware, tried multiple programs, and have tried many different ways to connect the controller and robot to the field. We also have an occasional problem where the robot will loose robot link in the middle of a match and we will be unable to regain connection. We have tried switching battery cables and radio cables. This issue seems to only happen at our tournaments as well. Through all the troubleshooting that we have done we think there is something wrong with our controller. Is this an issue(s) with known solution(s) or is this probably just a broken controller.

We use pros as our programming environment.

@DRow I found a problem…

We had the exact same issue last weekend. It was our first tournament with V5 and we couldn’t play half the matches (lol). We eventually were able to narrow the problem down to the connection between the controller and the field controller cable. We had not abused our controller in any way before this tournament- and in fact we had never even even plugged anything into the competition port, so I feel confident in saying that, at least in our case, this issue was not caused by user error. Based on my experience, along with testimonies from a few other teams who have also had this issue, I believe that the V5 competition port is much less robust than the old Cortex one. Using somebody else’s controller solved the issue entirely for us (HUGE shoutout to 5956 by the way- they were the only reason we could compete in elims), and later when testing we had a significant reduction in these “disconnects” when the field cable was held in the port with a rubber band.

I would recommend analyzing your competition port for any misaligned pins and, unless you or somebody else in this thread can come up with a cause other than a faulty controller, email Vex for an RMA. You will not be required to send your controller in until a new one arrives, so you shouldn’t have any time without a working controller.

Thank you for the advice!

The team I have known to have constant disconnects even after the 1.0.5 update has found that their problem was resolved after the tournament program was restarted.

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The thing is that switching controllers fixed the issue for us, and
testing with a separate (albeit custom made) competition switch presented the same problem. This might not be the case for everyone, but I am fairly confident that in our case the issue was the controller. I don’t want to speak for OP, but I don’t believe restarting the tournament manager would help him either, as he mentioned it happening at two separate events. I may be entirely wrong thought, I appreciate the input

@Connor Unless the tournament program gets this error fairly often I don’t think this will have fixed it for us. As @ZachDaChampion had said, it did happen to us at two different events. We were also able to replicate it on our field at school using the tournament manager software and the match controllers. This is what makes us believe it is something with our controller.

Have a look at this thread perhaps. It looks like this is a somewhat common issue with the V5s, and I’ve only noticed it on 1.0.5. We have an upcoming competition, and this radio issue worries me quite a bit. With best of 1, a radio disconnect can be catastrophic in the finals, and based on our last tournament they’re quite common.

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