Controller Freezing even after Firmware Update

Hello Everyone! We’re new to VEX this year. We got our V5s a couple of weeks ago and we are having issues with one controller. It keeps freezing. The firmware is update, the batteries are charged, and about 10 seconds into doing anything, it freezes. We have to reset it to get it going again. Any ideas for us newbies?

I’ve never heard of this issue (brains seem to be the piece that crashes most from my experience, you’re lucky you don’t have that). Are there any programs loaded on the brain? Are you running a program when the controller freezes? If you do have a program running, are you printing anything to the brain screen?

@jpearman can probably diagnose this for you since he is really knowledgeable about v5 problems.

So I tried again. Everything is fully charged. I turn on the brain and then the controller. When the controller does finally link (it seems to take forever) the controller screen shows the controller as fully charged and the brain as empty. It then freezes. I can’t use drive or the program the students have worked on. After the controller freezes, the robot brain doesn’t show that it is connected. Here’s what my controller looks like.

I think you are using bluetooth instead of vexnet. Try using vexnet and see if that fixes things. You will need to switch the radio mode in both the brain and controller settings.


Make sure you’re using vexNET and not bluetooth as @sazrocks said. Bluetooth hasn’t been fully implemented or as far as I can tell, updated since vexOS 1.0.2


I will try switching to vexNET. I have 3 robots in my classroom and I just checked and they are all set up to bluetooth. It is weird that only one is giving me issues. I will let you know if it works out after the students play with it this afternoon.

I had this exact same issue and a fix was never given. I spent a bit working with jpearman and couldnt figure it out. I just bought a new controller as the RMA process was and still is taking absolutely forever.