Controller freezing

So after putting our bot together, I got out our V5 stuff so that they could be charged before use. After a certain amount of time, our controller became unresponsive. I unplugged it and tried to shut it down via power button, but that didn’t work. I had to restart it with a screw to the reset button. When our battery was charged for the brain, we began testing out our bot and experienced the same issue. This is not good because we have a competition next week. Could there be a problem in compatibility between the brain version and controller version? Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Did you update the firmware.

The brain firmware yes. It didn’t give me the option to update the controller firmware however.

Plug the controller into the brain with a cable - we were surprised to find that our controller updated when we did that (long after we had updated the brain & batteries!).

I’ll be sure to try that out.

I just did, but its still freezing.

@jpearman Should we send our controller back? It has now come to the point where it freezes upon reset.