Controller Issue

We have a V5 controller that is behaving oddly. We can connect it to a brain, but it constantly thinks it’s hooked to a competition switch and is on pause. This problem does not go away even if we hook up a competition switch and enable either driver mode or autonomous.

I have the same issue and do not know how to fix it

This can happen if you have plugged a smart port cable into the competition port by accident (and also connected to brain). The competition port is damaged, nothing you can do except get it repaired by VEX.

We have not even plugged anything in recently. I updated to the brain firmware and the pause button popped up and will not allow me to run auton through controller.

Could you look at the competition port? It is likely that one of the pins is messed up and contacting another.

You also mentioned updating the brain firmware but not plugging anything into the controller. Have you updated the controller firmware as well? I have not had any problems myself, nor heard of anybody else having this problem, but there is always a possibility that mismatched firmwares could cause issues.

Yeah as soon as I updated brain firmware, I immediately updated controller firmware. I grabbed an outdated controller with the last firmware and it worked perfectly. As soon as I updated it, it did the same thing the other controller did.

That would point to a firmware issue, but seeing as I haven’t seen this occur anywhere else it could be a corrupted install. I’d say use the v5 firmware utility to force update (shift+v on v5 logo) and see what happens.