Controller Joystick Stick Drift

Hello. Recently, my team and I have noticed that our joysticks on the VEX V5 controller have gained a lot of stick drift, and also have a tendency to get stuck very often. I tried to look for solutions, but I couldn’t find any. Does anyone know any solutions?

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I haven’t ever dealt with drift on a VEX controller, but I have dealt with drift on many other things. Normally what you end up having to do is contact the company and send back the broken controller, you should get a new controller back but who knows how long it will take.

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You might also calibrate the controller before you send it in. It doesn’t always help, but…

Look under the controller’s ‘settings’ menu. There’s an option to ‘calibrate’. Select it and follow instructions.

Hope this helps!


Preferably we don’t send it off because, as you said, nobody knows how long it will take. I think we will keep this option as a last resort if all else fails. Thank you!

Thanks, I’ll try this when I can!

Likely contaminants in joystick… crumbs or candy/food residue. Disassemble from screws on back. Clean. Reassemble. Calibrate. Wash hands before using in future.


Now that I’m not replying on mobile…

The clue, for me, was sticks getting stuck. I’ve had to open up controllers before due to this. The result was always food residue that worked down into the controller’s joystick area.

They come apart easily. Just go slow. Clean the joysticks with some q-tips and water/alcohol. It’s the plastic joystick itself, not the sensor underneath. Food gets stuck on the curved/spherical part between the joystick and the controller housing. Clearances are tight… doesn’t take much AT ALL.

Be sure to dry thoroughly before reassembling. Can sit the parts in front of a fan for an hour or so.

This stuff is safe to use on the whole thing while it’s open. It’s not a replacement for water/alcohol, but it is a good general purpose cleaner for the circuit board, switches/sensors, etc.



Thank you! I’ll make sure to relay this back to my team when I can. I appreciate the help.

For drift, if it isn’t too bad, you can implement a deadzone, or a small range around the center (usually 0) where the joystick won’t move the robot/will return 0. This can be done through a few simple if statements.
Unfortunately, I’m not sure how to fix sticky joysticks.