Controller joysticks and motor to brain connections

I have a question about two controllers. They both are new (1 year old). My students were controlling their robots. They turned it off to reprogram some moves and turned it back on. Now the joysticks on one the controllers won’t even function. The rest of the buttons still work. So now, we have to use the E and F buttons to have the robot move forward and reverse.

The 2nd controller has a problem with the joysticks as well. The joysticks work, but get stuck in the up and down positions. The joystick won’t freely return back to the center, making it really tough to control the robot.

I tried upgrading both robots to with the firmware updates and still no change. Should I consider both controllers broken?

Hi hawaiianhanapaa,

We’re sorry that you have encountered these issues. To help resolve the first issue with the Controller joystick not responding, have you tried to calibrate the Controller? If the calibration process is accidentally started, it is possible that incomplete values could cause one joystick to not seem to have any effect.

If you have having a joystick get stuck and not return to center, please push vertically down on the thumbstick. If the thumbstick is lifted upwards, it might get stuck and not return to center.

If you have any additional questions, or need additional assistance, then please contact our Tech Support folks at or by calling +1-903-453-0802 so we can provide further help.


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