Controller Not Zeroing Itself

Recently our controller has been acting up weirldy. The drive joysticks work and control our drive train however when we let go of our joystick it return to the center, but the bot still keeps moving slowly. This problem wouldn’t stop unless we move the joystick a few times in different directions and it occurs every few minutes. Is there a way to fix this and have any of you guys experienced the same problem?

Yes, this is very common, but it doesn’t mean your joystick is broken.

I suggest reading these threads as they discuss this issue:

There are actually many ways to solve this issue, and I don’t think it is too hard to fix. :slight_smile:


Our C team is having the same problem, but it just starts spinning at full speed seemingly randomly. Moving the joysticks doesn’t do anything to fix it most of the time. I’ve looked at their code and that isn’t the problem.
Is it just a broken joystick?