Controller polarity?

i have seen a thread on this before, but i forget, what do each of the wires that go to the motors? (polarity/signal wires)

for the motor wires i fairly sure its ground(black), positive(red) and pwm signal(white) i found when i also tested to see if the led would burn out if u put in motor slot

did the led burn up? or should i use a resistor

and do you know how to control an led with the controller?

From what I have seen, you want to use a resistor when running an LED from the controller. If you want to be able to turn the LED on and off, you also want to be using digital outputs, not motor outputs.

do you know how to wire that?

According to the Controller Input Schematic, there is already a 1K resistor in line with the the digital outputs. You can plug a LED directly into the controller without another resistor. The internal resistor will limit the LED current to about 3mA. Most LEDs can handle up to 20mA, but will still light at 3mA.

Most LEDs have a round body with a flat on one side identifying the negative lead. Plug the LED lead with the flat into a hole that would normally be occupied by a black wire on a standard Vex cable. Plug the other LED lead into a hole that would normally be occupied by a white wire. DO NOT plug the LED from red to black.

thanks alot!

do you know how to assign the different channels to the led, or do i just move it until i find the right one?