controller problem. help fast! Urgant!!

i am having troubles with my joystick controller, i downloaded new firmware to it and now when i turn it on the joystick led is green for half a second then the vex net turns yellow for half a second then the joystick led blinks red. i tried redownloading the firm ware but same problem , then i thought it was the batteries so i gave them a full charge and checked them on my volt meter all reading 1.2 volts like there supposed to but it didnt fix the problem! i switched the vexnet keys and same problem. im out of ideas!!! please help this is very urgent!! i have the allstar competion coming up on nov 11!!! please help!!! i used the firm ware supplied with the brand new disc of easy c v4 i bought directly from vex.

the first thing i would try is to re-pair the two units, if that doesn’t solve your problem try to update easy c by going into help and then going to check for updates.

i did both and still doesnt work, any more ideas?

What version of easyC are you using?

Did you use the included IFI VexNet firmware update utility or did you download it somewhere else?

Did you update both the Cortex and the Joystick?

Did you follow the help guide in easyC?