Controller Problems

Controller will not pair to Brain

Controller is behaving weirdly.

Intermittent Issues:
Gets stuck ‘on’ i.e. won’t turn off unless battery is removed.

Constant Issues:
Won’t charge
Won’t Pair with Brain despite numerous attempts following Vex procedure.

Other information:
Firmware updater sees the controller. Indicates up to date (See updater.jpg)

On Brain

Controller Tether Indication

On Brain Page of System Info…

Voltage 7…72V
Radio Data 100%
Radio Signal 60%
Version 1.06
ID 5637

On Controller Page of System Info… (See sysinfo.jpg)

Voltage 0.00V
Radio Data 0%
Radio Signal 0%
Version 1.01
Channel 0.




Thanks for the detailed description of the problem, it is very helpful.
Unfortunately it looks like this unit needs to be mailed back to us for further analysis, please note that a replacement unit will be sent up-front.

For further assistance with returns, please email