Controller Programmed Autonomous

Does anyone know how to program an autonomous program through the controller and not through the computer? Is this even possible?

There is something called re-run, but its not just through the controller. It enables you to drive the robot around and log joystick positions/buttons and then “replay” it as autonomous code. It still requires you to code the “re-run script” and you have to clean it up a little bit after you’ve logged data, but it can be done. I will warn you though that re-run isn’t awful accurate (although I’ve seen a few good implementations.)

Put your autonomous program into an if statement. Have it start when you press a certain button. I think the one above me is thinking of recording a macro, which is much different that how I read your question.

If you plan to do this during the autonomous portion of a match let me have you know that it is highly illegal and you may be disqualified for such actions.