Controller screen half cut off

I turned on the controller today, this is what I saw.

I have reset it.
The last time I saw it it was fine, I tried to update its firmware. Our sister teams did jumble around in our cart where we store it, so they might have dropped something on it, I was not there. I need help Asap

Based on the lines on the bottom right I think the LCD is damaged (your sister team probably dropped something on it). Not sure how to help you as the only way to fix this I can think of is getting a new controller or finding a way to replace the LCD screen.

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how much does it affect?
if its just the screen id just live with it i drove 2 years with only one joystick pad made tank drive super weird but ya gotta do what u gotta do


I’ve used the same controller since turning point, it has a missing row of pixels on the LCD but otherwise works fine. Unless it affects your ability to control the robot, just live with it. Unless you are lucky enough to have a spare controller on hand.


Half of the screen is missing, so we can’t read program, and do stuff like that.