Controller stop?

Hey guys, so i just wanted to ask before the internationals begin , this is my first experience and i once saw that someone mentionned that the controllers automatically are stopped after the 15 seconds of autonomous , is it the same with the driver controlled period, or the driver needs to stop it and then put it down or just put it down ?.

Yes, your controller will be stopped. I like to put the controller down anyway for good measure though. Good luck at future events!


so at the end of the match, the controller will be stopped automatically. So here’s another problem, our robot barely makes it to the elevation , it elevates at tier A under the condition of break of the motor but when we stop the controller, it automatically touches the foam tiles.

At the end of the VRC matches, the robot goes into a ‘disabled’ state, all motors go to ‘coast’ mode, regardless of what you set as a motor stop mode previously. If you are dependent on elevation to work by having the motor set as brake or hold, know that it will likely fail in competition mode, without some sort of additional mechanical system that will keep it held in place.


I would recommend a ratchet. There are lots of simple ratchet designs out there and they are very useful for shopping you hang. Another idea that has been used by a lot of teams in my state is pneumatic hang. All of these designs can be readily found and accessed on the internet (Especially YouTube)

Do you have a Competition Switch available to use? If so, try to run autonomous using that, because it does exactly what the matches will do.

Are you using pneumatics or motors for elevation? If you are using pneumatics, you are probably fine (turning the program off does NOT do the same thing to pneumatics as the Match Disabled state does to them), but if you are using motors you might need to make a ratchet system.

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