Controller Stuck In Competition Run Monde

We have a controller stuck in competition mode. We have tried resetting it while plugged into a competition switch, plugging and unplugging a competition swithch and turning on Bluetooth to force it to disconnect. It is now permanently stuck on a Red Screen saying cannot use bluetooth.

This is a controller we purchased less than a year ago. There is no visible damage to the ports (no bent pins). Is there any way we can get this replaced?

tether it to a brain that’s already switched to vexnet and that will clear the bluetooth screen, however, it will not fix the underlying issue which sounds like a damaged competition port on the controller. This can happen if a smartcable connected to the brain was plugged into the competition port rather than one of the controller smartports.

see this regarding having VEX repair it.


You can also try reseting the controller via the reset button.

On the back of the controller there is a button that can be pushed using an screw driver, axel…

More information here