Controller trouble

I have recently started coding with the V5 claw bot. I have written code but have no way to test it as it
will not download to my V5 brain or controller. I have tried different USB cords, building the code, saving the code and changing the code slot. I am using VEX codepro V5 version 2.0.1 .

This is a screen shot of my code. As you can see the controller is gray. The controller is connected to the computer.
vex screen shot

Please help me solve this problem.

Thank you,

is your brain and controller on?

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Do you have any other programs open that would interact with the brain, like the firmware utility or PROS?

If so close them and restart vexcode


No, I don’t have any other programs open that would interact with the controller or brain.

And the brain and controller are turned on and connected.

You could try it on a different computer. I don’t know much about Windows but you could also try opening task manager and killing other programs that use usb and unplug the hardware that those programs use. And reboot if you haven’t already.

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I just got to try that now, no other programs are open and using USB ports.

Also I found that I can upload code to other non VEX objects like Arduinos. I think it is a VEX problem.

Does an other laptop work?

Try a different cable, we had this problem and used a new cable and it worked

If not that, I would restart you computer, that usually works

I tried different cables and restarting my computer. That didn’t work so I tried it on a different computer and that worked. I think the problem on the other computer was when we download pro code, it downloaded wrong. We will try to redownload it, but until then we have a working pro code. Thank you.