Controller Verification says TALOS

When trying to update the master code on our RC, when we perform the Controller Verification, IFI Loader shows the version of our RC as what appears to be “TALOS”, not “FRC” as the guide shows. I have triple-checked that we’re using our 2005 FRC, the latest version of the master code, and the latest IFI Loader. Should I continue with the download? I’m afraid of getting the FRC into an irreparable state.

Close the IFI Loader. Go to C:\Program Files\IFI_Loader and open the IFI_Loader.INI. On about line 20 verify “boardId = 0�?. If it does not equal 0, change it to 0 and save/close the file. Now follow the instructions for downloading Master Code, expect do not do a controller verification.