Controller will not engage with motor to lift arm


Working with a student on VexIQ and their controller will drive the robot (driver control mode) but will not lift the claw or close the claw. Here is what we have tried so far:

  • the claw will lift and close when using the device info on the brain

  • the motors for the claw and arm have been checked to make sure they are in the correct ports

  • when we push the button on the controller noting happens – the motor does not engage at all

  • we have changed out the controller, the motors, and the connection cords

Anything else we should try?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Has the brain been programmed for the motors or are you using the default program?

If using the default program, what ports are you using to drive the motors?


The brain has been programmed for the motors and I have checked that they are programmed for the correct ports. They are in 11 (claw) and 2 (arm).

Would you mind uploading an image of the robot and/or a video of the issue? That would be helpful in figuring out the issue

Can you operate the motors from the settings screen? I don’t have a device near me but its under the Settings / Hardware menu and it allows you to test the motors individually.

I am also assuming you are running the named program (IE: Program 1-4) and not the default program.

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Yes, I can operate the arm and the claw using the setting on the brain. We are not even trying coding, we are just trying driver control and it won’t move the arm or claw but will drive forward/backward. The buttons to move the claw just don’t engage. I don’t hear the motors running at all and don’t hear that high-pitched noise you get sometimes when the axel is not fully engaged with the motor.

And I can try to upload a video later. I don’t see this class again until Friday.


Port 11 should be controlled by the E buttons, port 2 is not valid for a motor on IQ gen 1 using the built in drive program. see this.


That fixed my problem! They had the motors plugged into the wrong ports. The link you sent me was super helpful. I appreciate you all taking the time to help us out.