Controller won’t move forwards or backwards

Hello, I’ve been trying to do driving for my stretch robot in the ringmaster field. However, the robot will never move forwards or backwards no matter what. I’ve tried firmware downloads a bunch but they never work and I’ve switched the battery, wire, and controller itself and nothing worked. The autonomous moves forward and backwards fine but the controller just can’t move forward or backwards. Can anyone help? Thanks

Is the controller registered in your code?

What does the code look like?

Welcome to the Forums! Do you think you can access your code and post it here. If it is in blocks post a screenshot, and if it is in text post by putting three backtics (```) in the lines above and below. My only other thought is that you might be trying to use the program called “drive” which is installed on the controller. This will probably not work for you unless you have your robot configured in the certain way which Vex wants you to.

Is it the autonomous code? Because my team doesn’t have a drive program or controller program, we just use firmware download on it. It was working like 2 weeks ago but now it doesn’t. I’m not sure if this is important but I’m using the cex graphical robotc.

This is incorrectly categorised as it sounds like an IQ issue.
Are you using your own program or the built in Driver Control function to try to drive it?
If using the built in Driver Control program, the motors need to be in specific ports for it to work. The left drive motors should be in ports 1 or 7 and the right drive motor should be in port 6 or 12. This only applies for the built in Driver Control program.
If using your own controller code, is the controller correctly configured? Perhaps you can post your code here?

oops your right it probably should be in the IQ section. I do believe that I’m using the Driver control and I do believe that one of the motors was placed in another motor port bc my partner changed it for the autonomous. I think that’s the solution but I’ll have to check later. Thanks.

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