Controlling 4 wheels with one controller

We are trying to connect four motors that control the two front wheels and the two back wheels of the robot to the “brain” (the VexNet computer) located on the robot, but when we connect all four, only the wheels that are in the number 1 and number 10 spots are moving and the ones that are in the number 2 and number 9 spot are not moving. My question is how can I get the “brain” to control all 4 motors at once as well as my controller to control them all?

Rick R.

Are you using Motor Controller’s on ports 2 & 9? (
Can you post your program that you are using if the code is the issue.

While even I am unsure why they chose to leave out motor controller slots for motors 1 and 10, what our team usually does is place two of the driving motors inside slots 1 and 10 WITHOUT the motor controllers. If you do, just be sure to make a note of where they are.