Controlling LED Strip Light Color with VEX V5

I finally got around to making this work while I got some animations rendering.

@jpearman would there be any way to do this without the mc29’s?


Would that not be considered functional if it was used in tandem with robot mechanisms for scoring? I thought it was a general rule of thumb that any form of decoration can’t give cues into any other mechanisms.

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What? It doesn’t. It’s purely decoration. It doesn’t give any cues to anything. What do you mean?

Very epic, now I can have blinkers on my bot to tell my ally when I am going to turn so we avoid crashing into eachother.


Honestly, how did you do this in the first place?

3 mc29’s, a soldering iron, some broken VEX wires, and a lot of patience.

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You can use the mc29s to control non-vex parts? That’s pretty cool

Yes. All they do is take a power, ground, and signal, and convert it into a 2-wire power source with a power level I can change.