Controlling Motor via other microcontroller


I’m trying to see if I can control the motors using other microcontroller. I want to find out how motor module ports work. Where can I find documentation for it?

Thank you.

To see how motor modules work, just google it.

As for controlling the Vex motors with another microcontroller, it is pretty simple. All you need is some code and wiring.

What microcontroller are you using?


I’ll be using the microcontroller which is used by the course that I’m TAing currently.

MC9S12C32 MCU Development Module (CSM-12C32)

I believe this one supports PWM and almost everything, although clock speed is little slower than I want it to be…

I can have it as input/output ports. So I need to wire it to the breadboard, and connect it to the ports to the controller. Although I should still need to know how to actually controller the motor. Are there any example sample codes?

what programming language is it for, ive written servo control code for BASIC but thats it, remeber to use a different power source for your servos or you will burn out your microcontroller, ive heard the vex servos and motors are just futuba servo motors inside a vex box

It will be for C/C++ or assembly.

i forget what issue but servo and nut and volts magazine have articles on controlling servos, under servo magazine look for the article ‘Rubberbands and Bailing Wire’
nuts and volts:

Try the Vexfan site… Like the post, Alternate Motors and PowerSupply or Adding Different Motor.