Controlling speed without reducing power

is it possible to control the speed of a motor with a VEX Motor Controller 29 when not using analog input? I know how to adjust the power and slow it down but need full power but lower speed in autonomous.

“Speed” and “power” aren’t separately controllable in MC29s. You set the power (an integer between -127 and 127), and the speed of the motor at that power depends on various factors, including the resistance present.

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You could control speed vs torque using a very complicated differential, but you would require multiple motors and they wouldn’t both be running at full power, so it really doesn’t make any scene. Basically, the unfortunate answer is NO.

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That’s what I thought but I appreciate the confirmation.

Code. Track your speed, apply more power when going slower than desired, apply less power when going faster than desired. You get lower speed and same maximum power (even if the power at any given point might be less). Needs more than just a motor controller, though.