Controlling VEX Robot with Eye Tracker

We have a team member who has Cerebral Palsy, which is a condition that affects muscle movement. He has limited muscle control, but he is very good at using an eye tracker. We want him to be able to drive our robot using the Tobii Eye Tracker 4C connected to a computer, but we don’t know how to start.

Is there any way to connect the VEX V5 Controller to a laptop and control the Controller through an interface on the laptop?

Does anyone have experience in controlling the robot’s movements through a computer, and by extension are there any links to other projects that we can check out?


This is an amazing awesome project and while I don’t know how to do this I can ping the person who would know: @jpearman

And I would also like to note that this would not be competition legal.

It would be really cool if there was an exception for people who have disabilities


Short answer is no.

You can communicate with the robot via the controller using the USB port, the commands would need to be interpreted by the user program that was running, but there’s no way to inject commands that simulate button presses or joystick movement. Unfortunately we disable the controller USB port when the robot is connected to field control during a match.

On the PC side, custom software would needed to be created that would translate output from the eye tracker into commands that could be sent to the robot.