Converting EasyC code to RobotC

Hey, a friend and I have been coding in EasyC for a while now, and we were thinking about switching over to RobotC. However, we don’t want to have to completely rewrite the code, we want to be able to use what we’ve already done. I searched the forums and the internet and found nothing on this. The two programs use two different file extensions, which means we can’t open files made by one with the other, and the other methods we tried didn’t work either. We tried opening the code file with Notepad, Notepad++, and HxD, and while each one displayed the code, it displayed it in a way that didn’t work at all. So, is there a better way to transfer/convert EasyC code to RobotC, over showing the RobotC Code in EasyC and completely re-typing it into RobotC?

The API (Application Programming Interface, basically the names of the functions etc.) between EasyC and RobotC is quite different and some of the choices you will make to program in RobotC will be different (as we have lots of additional functionality). You can cut and paste the text version of generic functions from EasyC to RobotC but you will have to manually convert the calls to set motor power, read sensors etc. There’s a comparison of the API for a few functions here.