Converting from .v5code to .vex

Hi there! I was wondering if you could convert files written in VEXcode v5 to a file time VCS could read.

Sounds like a counter intuitive thing to do, but there is a reason for it. Currently there is only one computer that my team and I have access to at the same time as our robot. We really like VCS, since we have different level coders that can all use the same program without having to switch to a different program to go from text to blocks and vice versa. So VCS is the only program we use to upload new code to our brain. But at home I’ve begun coding in VEXcode v5, and was wondering if there was a way to convert the file without having to simply copy and paste the text.

well first of all, please don’t use vcs. please. it has been discontinued for a reason.
but if you insist, copy pasting your code is probably your best bet, or at least it’ll be the fastest. pretty sure you can still do this without any errors.

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