Converting PROS to RobotC

So I was wondering if you use PROS to get a rerun for autonomous. But anyway way to change it to RobotC so you can use it for competition?

Why not just use PROS for the competition too?

But are you allowed? Had a competition today and the director told me that we are not allowed

Of course you’re allowed to use PROS for competition. That director must not know what he’s talking about, but PROS is just another way to communicate with the Cortex, and has no effect on actual functionality.

Ok thanks cause few years ago we were allowed thank for the clarification

As long as you adhere to the competiton control for disable and driver/autonomous it’s legal.


From the Manual:

Thanks so you are allowed

Yep, you are. We used PROS on our robot for our first competition, and had no problems.

Well, you do have to choose your software. So I suppose that if you weren’t given a choice then you would be in violation…