Conveyer belt bot high hang

Any thoughts on making the conveyer bot high hang? Since its significantly faster than a catapult, if we can make it high hang, then it will permanently bypass the high hanging catapults since more points>finish time

I think this is worthy of pursuit. May be a balance between fast enough to ‘flip’ the ball in but have enough torque to lift the robot.

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A little teaser of my version of the conveyor robot (and some hints): From my experience, there are a few fatal flaws with this design. The two main ones being getting the balls from the hopper into the flinger pieces, and scoring more than one ball at a time while also being able to load them. Also, this has to be done while still keeping it in sizebox. I plan on releasing a video of mine soon, however I wouldn’t get too hyped for its performance. Sure it could be improved upon, as all robots can, but from my experience catapult robots are more efficient. One last note, the balls are a lot harder to fling into the goal than one might imagine. Consequently there are a very limited number of different speeds and scooper designs that can do it. I found that I had to run mine very fast, much too fast to high hang (and if you can’t get all the balls first, what use is high hanging?) Also, I wouldn’t count out catapult robots as not bring able to high hang.

However, what I built should NOT be taken as proof that something won’t work. VEX is all about trying new things in new ways. I would encourage teams to build or at least try out new designs, even if they seem like they won’t work. @Kajunii42 I wish you the best of luck on building it, and I’m looking forward to hearing how it goes.