Cool, Illegal Designs

This kind of falls under a “meme” umbrella, but I’d like to hear some of your designs that would be legal, if not for a couple of rules. Such as:
9-ball catapult
Jumping robots

It doesn’t have to be limited to Turning Point, either. Let’s see what could have been!


You know, there are no rules eliminating a jumping robot… just not much you can do with them

True, true. Just not really feasible. And arguably against the Common Sense rule.

For ITZ you could stack up like 40 cones high in your robot (without a mogo), place it all on mobile goal, and then just hold the top cone at the end of the match. The top cone wouldn’t count, but the other 39 would, and you might get the highest stack bonus with that :slight_smile:

And for NBN, you could put up a big wall in front of your opponent’s goal to stop them from scoring.

My robot jumps so that it is level with the high flag and then shoots the ball at it. This is very smart because all of the balls velocity is aimed directly at the flag and the force is used in the most efficient way. It also never exceeds 18" in height.

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For ITZ the coolest thing for me would have been a robot that inserted cones at the bottom of the stack. Lift whatever was there, insert a cone, replace the above stack. It could stack arbitrarily tall without ever needing to expand.

Yeah something like the stackers in FRC Recycle Rush was what initially came to mind for ITZ before I saw the one cone limit.

Way back in the day of Gateway, there was a robot with a boom arm that covered the center goal and uncovered it only to let their alliance score, but it was actually legal (and very cool). Vex has added a few rules that might prevent something like that now though

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It was 2W, and it was awesome:


You can say that again

@AlexM_4478X It was 2W, and it was awesome.

You can say that again

It was 2W, and it was awesome.

i cant’t tell if this is a joke, please clarify and/or send video

Pretty sure this is a joke. But, you have just been offered the robotics equivalent of “pics or it didn’t happen.” :slight_smile:

Or you could make something to suck the balls out of your opponent’s net (or plop the balls into your net). Or something like 185A in Starstruck.

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all-aluminum (or standoffs) flying helicopter bot with lexan wings and a 6-motor turbo rotor drive. 1 motor intake (for caps AND balls, of course), 1 motor double puncher

My team thought of that, too.

And for Skyrise, a robot that could stack Skyrises on top of each other the same way, instead of having to turn back and forth to put them one-by-one in the base attached to the field.

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There was a vex U bot for nothing but net that was literally just a fan that blew enemy balls off-course (this was legal too!)

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how effective was it?