Cool Mod

I have not been on the forum in a while but for the last couple days i have been working with electronics trying to make add ons for my robots.

I came up with a really cool mod for a kodak funsaver camera that takes the camera circuit and condenses it into a circuit the size of a nickel which can be used to make some cool robots.

This doesn’t directly apply to robotics but i thought that you guys could make a couple of these and find a way to integrate them into a robot. Some applications could be strobe lights, voltage boosting (For charging caps ect…).

Soon within the next few days i am going to come out with another video on how to hookup the second camera transformer to this circuit and a photo capacitor. This can be used to output 10kv which is enough to fully light a flash tube ect…

Bottom line is that you can use these to make all sorts of nifty little parts for your robot. If you have any other ideas on how this could be used please post , i would be interested to know.

Tell me what you think of this, also any questions are welcome.

Has anyone tried this yet?