Cool robot videos and highlights for public attractions?

Hi everyone, i started a college team at my university and club registration booths are next week

I’m going to have a TV set up and a demo bot running and everything
Im going to need videos of “cool” robot highlights or competitions vids

i already have a bunch of matches from various years and games
as well as the good game animations from the past

do you guys have particular videos or highlights of your robot you would like me to add to the youtube playlist?

keep in mind that this is for the interests/tastes of the general public

thanks for your help guys!

hope ill get plenty of signups! :slight_smile:

These are two matches at worlds where our robot got tipped over and then righted itself:

We also built a solar tracker which could look cool as well

When you finish the final video, would you kindly post it here?

I expect you already have Green Egg Robotic’s videos.
You might want to take a look at ACME’s videos.

Do you have 1103’s Round Up Programming Skills?
His Clean Sweep Programming Skills is good too, but you might want replacement music. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is a video of my team before I joined. (Favorite part: 3:48 - 4:02)

The Gateway Robot Skills Finals is impressive.
Last but not least, 2915A’s 400 pt Sack Attack Robot Skills.

By the way, are you making a YouTube playlist, or are you chopping together different YouTube videos?

I cannot post links here because youtube is blocked on my school computer but here are my suggestion:

  1. ACME Sack Attack - They made a very well editted video this year with excellent camera quality and match shots. Has cool slow-mo spots in video.
  2. 1103 Roundup - The video that intellitek made was a very professional video and had a great quality. It shows a very impressive robot.
  3. Green Egg Robotics Roundup - They always make entertaining videos to watch. Interesting and unique design that could catch attention with the goal dumping.
  4. AURA - I think they have put out some cool videos. One of their Roundup robots was interesting in the way it would dump goals as it would lower the arm. That robot is one of my favorite of all time because of how awesome that part of the robot was.
  5. Clean Sweep - Any high quality and entertaining video for this game would do a good job. The game was like no other and the robot that effectively could throw would be entertaining to watch.

I just deleted one post out of this thread which is off-topic.

The 1107B Super Stacker was pretty awesome and crowd-pleasing if you have any more videos of that. :smiley:

thanks everyone with all the suggestions! :slight_smile:
keep posting if u have anymore !

i probably just going to make a playlist as the booth goes on all day and the video file will be unnecessarily large

ill post the playlist once its created though! :slight_smile:

heres the playlist so far guys!
thanks for all your help! :slight_smile:

Round Up NZ Nationals double high hang finals match:

You might like that one.