Coolest Team Name?

What you think is the coolest team name in FTC? Lets all finded the coolness! :cool:

Since I’m mentoring the team, I would have to say…

Mustang Robotics!

SHIRT!!! lol jk. I really dislike our team name. but its not up to me.

I believe the coolest team names are 448 Syntax Error and 449 Mainframe Meltdown. As I created the name Mainframe Meltdown, It is hard for me not to nominate it outright:cool:

Then I say Team Overdrive is the coolest name! :smiley:

obviously we can all say the name of the team we are on lets see who can name another team

Team impules

VEXellent of course because you can say “VEXellent dude!”. However I do think the Driven Robotics teams have some nice names, Driven Nuts, Driven Bolts.

I would have to say PIGMICE they are new this year but i have seen them practicing at the scrimages. watch out there could even be a new rookie in atlanta.

I like VEXcellent

I like that one as well. :slight_smile:

What about Exploding Bacon?

the kilabytes? 1024 maybe they are frc but they did get lucky with that number.

I think everyone overlooked Lord Wellington’s Beef Trapeze. I don’t remember their team number but this name gave our team hours of laughter. Don’t forget the Holy Rollers!

Someone will say that wrong, read it wrong. or spell it wrong sooner or later>.>

I am sure thats why they named themselves the kilabytes

The name is cool, only many team names have vex in their name, so I feel it may be slightly overdone

Of course though we were first and we chose the best one…

RATOM- Rage Against the Other Machine

ha ha nice…

team Cryptonite (but there a frc team)