Cooling motors with dry ice

So this may sound a little crazy but has anyone tried cooling motors with dry ice? This would be an alternative to freezing sprays, not that it’s practical or anything… Just wondering if anyone has tried doing it.

I’ve been involved with VEX for about 10 years now, and I’ve never seen anybody cool motors with anything more than an ice pack, and personally have never had to resort to any cooling methods regarding the motors (Including the 2-wire 269s and old 3-wire motors).

Its a pretty common practice now that vex does PTC testing at the world championship in between elimination matches. Motors really are not at full ability 2 minutes after stall and cooling can be very helpful.

This should work but I have never seen anyone do it. It has comes up a few times though so it’s on people’s mind.

Griffin do you know if it is legal because I know cooling spray is.

Point taken.

They do it between elimination matches now? That’s brutal on the motors.
I may have to invest in freeze spray this year then.

Yah and running the motors for the whole match and having only 3 minutes between matches we use it a lot.

He means the ptc testing between elims.

This may be a little extreme but just for the lols liquid nitrogen anyone?

I believe someone asked that in a q&a,and it was deemed illegal.

And it might crack the housing of the motors Ect.

Liquid N2 would crack steel if it got on it. I don’t even run my motors for the whole match and the PTC check scares me that I might stall my launcher during a match. I bet it would be between quarters and semis, and before finals when they check them to give teams a little time to recover. This year one stalled motor could be the difference between a launcher shooting full court or not spinning up at all.