Cooling v5 motors

Same thing I said to the other individual… If you have any thoughts or think I am thinking of it the wrong way(which I may very well be) please lmk

that is way too often, you’re going to want to figure out why they are burning out so fast. Most often, it’s friction, poor motor distribution, or overly optimistic gear ratios.

If the limiting factor in your robot’s speed is the hardware, you’re doing something wrong, either in your design or your build.

And it’s simply not practical or realistic to have to quickswap your motors every 3 minutes (other forms of cooling aren’t going to be effective), and burning out motors so frequently can’t possibly be good for them, you could very easily shorten their lifespan by pushing them so hard.


I’m pretty sure V5 motors have built-in radiators already, but really, motor strain is probably caused by excessive weight load, in which gear ratio can contribute to the cause.

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Bad ideas my team has done that pretty much just made ourselves laughed but pretty useless. We used a leaf-blower to blow straight at it, or have a member hold a portable fan blowing at it. You can also be superstitious. In Taiwan, there is a tradition that if you put 乖乖 (guai guai, a type of snack that the name means obedient) on your machine during the rest time, it would work properly and not overheat. To improve the “magic”, you can hold the snack and dance around the robot. There are teams that actually did this (I tried, but the snack is so good I ended up just eating it. The superstition also requires the snack to not be eaten until you finished the competition. If you eat it you broke the rule and the machine is cursed).


After the release of V5, air canisters became nearly useless at cooling down motors. I believe that quickswap is not only safer, but also puts a better taste in your mouth (pun intended) knowing that you can replace the motor easily as well if it breaks, as stated by earlier posts.

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