Coolyo bot

I no iv been a ***** lately but wut u think about this bot.
ummm how do i put a pic in.

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  1. Look toward the bottom of the posting screen, there is an attachment maker,

  2. Check the rules listing at the bottom, you’re kinda pushin the limits…

Well my pics are in the gallary.
Sry guys for being an ***. :frowning:
Also sry for makin fun ur bots.

My srry too…
I shouldn’t be telling other people about limitations or anything, its just my parents wont let me on any site with “cussing” or near it.
If im gonna keep my account and you all want me coming back im just asking for limits.

Im not requiring anything…

The coolyo bot the one in the gallery has a light weight claw that is still storng grip and is able to grab from the groung and has the lifting ability of lifting itself.
The bot also has a swivle micro camera that can look left to right 180 and up and down about 70.
The bot is about walking speed and is less then a pound or just about a pound, maybe alittle over.
Im also alittle ocd u can tell from the wiring on the bottom of the bot.
The velcro was for logos.

might want to either put 4" wheels in the back or change the gearing on the smaal wheels. different diamiter=different speed

I cant change it at all. lol
I Took it apart already for the bot i was going to build when my parts come in towmarow. :frowning:

Cool robot.
Just a couple questions about the camera.
Where can you get it?
How much?
Or any other important details about it.


I like the gripper. Looks simple but effective. Good job.
Would love to see any other pics if you have them.

The camera can come off the internet but if u do that get a good one cause they can break easy. Or u can by at a micro center.

Heres the web site
Get the QSWOCRC 2.4 Ghz Wireless Color outdoor Camera & Receiver w/ Night Vision it has longest range and can see in night its about $130
the one on my bot is $100 its not the camera that is expensize but the reciver.


Could you please speak English?

Whats wrong with u read the fine print.

I think that what 2xr is getting at dread is that not everyone speaks lazyness. Lazyness meaning it’s the new texting words. Now I’m lucky that I have a 13 year old sister who is constantly sending me messages so I am fully aware of what each of those words are and I will take the time to explain them since it will cost you too much valuable time to be nice in the first place and make posts like a normal person. You don’t have to impress anyone here.

**I no iv been a ***** lately but wut u think about this bot.

I Know I’ve been a ***** lately, But What (do) you think about this bot?**

***** is a naughty word that needs to keep it self off of the forums I’m not sure why you felt that it needed to be put there. and it passed the filter because you placed a space in it. Thats bad.

ummm how do i put a pic in.

**Hum, How do I (place an attachment in a post?) put a picture in. **

Considering not everyone here speaks txt (text) it would be nice to try and spell the words out. And you don’t have to be such a pain about it. :slight_smile: Now I’m not telling you that you need to have perfect handwriting skills. There are alot of people who forget to puncuate or just have trouble spelling. Getting close though will prevent misunderstandings in the future. Who knows Dread. 2xr may be new to America and might not have a full understanding of english. Just something for you to think about. Have a wonderful day.

lol i didnt no so many ppl didnt no the new lang!

(laugh out loud I didnt know so many people didnt know the new language!)

I im alot so im use to so much that somtimes i turn in papers at school with the writing such as “2 day i went to the doc. I gt my bot parts and was vry hpy. :), THEN u and i went to se and u said wut”.
like that.

and this word with this in my first line (****) is a miss spelled word its actullay took. Spelled tok with an e on the end.

so now everytime we type something in slang we have to put what we meant in parenthesees(I think I spelled that wrong)but anyway wouldn’t it just be easier if we all spoke in a language we all understand?Like English :slight_smile:

Its a hard word to spell either way, but back on topic…

Its just kinda a way of bein like evryone else…goin with the movement…the crowd…

Yah it is?
orignaly it was about my coolyo bot…

??? I don’t even know what the subject is anymore!!!

Parentheses FTW