Copy and Paste in VCS Graphical

Is it possible to Copy and Paste in VCS Graphical?

Yes, but slightly indirectly. Click on “Text” in the upper-right. Select, copy, and paste the text version of what you want copied. Click on “Blocks,” and you’ll be back where you were with a graphical version of what you just copied.

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I tried that and half of my code just disappeared and I don’t know where it ended up? I will try it again.

It is alittle flakey, And if copy/paste creates errors the block turns red and collapses vertically.
Maybe put an empty whenStarted block out, paste into that in text, back to blocks to retrieve.
Have to get brackets, other formatting right. Then delete extra whenStarted.

I just tried, if I convert to text then copy/paste, some times I will have issues when I convert back.

Save before. Make a copy (change name, save that) and work on that. And might quit, restart VCS if it gets confused.