Copying code, output

How can I copy code from EasyC and output from the IFI terminal window? I can always take a screen shot, but I was hoping to paste the content into forum messages.


EasyC :
On the Left Pane, click the Project Tab, then double click the First File under Source Files. The Right Pane will then show the ‘C’ Source Code. Right Click on the Right Pane, click Select All from the Pop Up Menu. Right Click Again on the Right Pane, select Copy on the Pop Up Menu.

Switch to the Web Browser, and Paste you code. Don’t forget to “wrap” Code Tags around your “code”.

IFI terminal:
You can try Selecting all the Text and doing a Ctrl-Insert or Ctrl-C to copy the Selected Text to the ClipBoard.

You can also use HyperTerminal or Tera Term or Real Term at 115,000bps, 8 Data Bits, No Parity and 1 Stop Bits. All of these programs will let you log the incomming data to a file or Select It .


I want to be able to output a data set (ie motor speeds and encoder values) for a program that I am working on to make a robot drive in a perfectly straight line. Ultimately what I want to be able to do with this data is import it to MS Excel and plot it on a table. Does the method you describe above work for what I want to do?



With the Vex V0.5 Controller, yes you can print and log values. With the Vex Cortex Controller, you should be able to print and log values as well, but I don’t have the Cortex yet…

Output your Motor Speeds and Encoder Values, most likely one Data Capture per line. If you place Commas between each value, you can use the CVS import in Excel.


But what code should I be using within EasyC to make this output happen? I presume that I need to use a User Code function, but what command should I be using?



You should be able to use the User Code option and the “printf” statement, but according to the API.H file:

void PrintToScreen(const char *fmt, ...);

Should be the WPILIB function to use.

This function should follow the standard “printf” formatting, so, if you are brave enough, try looking up the format parameters. If you need help, send me the Variable Data Types, Variable Names and order you want them in and I will write you a format line.