Copying not allowed from VEX docs

So, I was trying to copy some text from the VEX Toss Up Game Manual, but it wouldn’t allow me to copy it. Anyone else have the same issue?

I used an online converter to turn it into a text file. Due to VEX Forum restrictions, I had to split the text file into 3 files. Turning on word wrap helps the readability of the text files. :wink:
VEXTossUp1-8.txt (19.3 KB)
VEXTossUp9-16.txt (19.4 KB)
VEXTossUp17-23.txt (18.2 KB)

I have no problems copying directly out of the online pdf or after downloading. Try a different browser maybe?

I have no problems copying either. Maybe you should try updating adobe reader?

No issue copying.

Ok, that is really weird. Yesterday I was not able to Ctrl+C or Right-Click>Copy on the pdf to which I linked.
Today, both work fine.

Same browser (Chrome), no updates to Adobe Reader. :confused:

I guess if anyone wants awful auto-formatted text files of the VEX Toss Up game docs, they’re downloadable at the top of the page. :stuck_out_tongue: